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This site is operated by Sponsorium, the platform owner. The confidentiality of all information collected on behalf of Bombardier is ensured.

Welcome to the Bombardier donations, sponsorships and memberships online application site.

To qualify for consideration, your request should meet our eligibility criteria. Ensure you read them before you complete the questionnaire.


We focus our community investment on three themes:


  • Support opportunities to help school perseverance and lifelong education.
  • Develop future talents through collaboration with academia on educational or research projects.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop a passion for our products and relevant areas in our operations.
  • Prioritize activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and entrepreneurship.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Enhance the quality of the environments where we operate.
  • Promote environmental responsibility and encourage the development and wide-spread adoption of environmentally friendly practices, skills and knowledge.
  • Drive collaborative industry action for sustainability and climate action.

Socioeconomic Development

  • Support economic growth, entrepreneurship and development of communities.
  • Strengthen Bombardier's role as an active member of the business community.
  • Develop positive business ties and promote local business ecosystems.
  • Includes commitments that can benefit charities or other non-profit organizations such as chambers of commerce or industry associations.

In assessing potential contributions, other important criteria are considered to further strengthen the impact of our investments. These include:

  • Geographic location : We strive to build relationships with communities in areas where we operate.
  • Diversity & Inclusion : We foster projects or organizations which help build a more diverse and inclusive society and/or that are focused on serving underrepresented communities.  We aim to support organizations that are run by underrepresented voices in our communities.
  • Innovation : We look for projects that trigger innovative thinking and develop ingenious new ways of solving issues.
  • Visibility : We value opportunities that bring Bombardier's brand to life in creative ways and heighten our reputation.
  • Focused contributions : We normally refrain from making contributions to multiple projects that benefit the same organization unless they contribute to several communities across different geographic areas.
  • Strong management : We cooperate with charitable or non-profit status organizations that have effective fund management and reporting capabilities in place and are equipped to report measurable benefits and achievements.
  • Ethics and compliance : We refuse to partner with any organization unable to demonstrate an impeccable track record regarding ethics and compliance practices.
  • Fairness : We maintain fairness and do not favor or prioritize organizations in which employees or their family members are personally involved.


Bombardier does not provide any funding or other forms of support for:

  • Any political party, organization or event, or to any candidate for political office;
  • Initiatives undertaken by individuals inside or outside Bombardier; only registered non-profit organizations receive our support;
  • Participation fees, tours, expeditions or any expense related to travelling or trips performed by an individual in the context of fundraising;
  • Organizations or activities that may pose an ethical, cultural, safety or environmental risk, or whose role or actions may conflict with Bombardier's interests, reputation or objectives;
  • Groups that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or other;
  • Religious activities, initiatives or programs;
  • Social clubs or other similar organizations;
  • Organizations perceived to be associated with the promotion of tobacco consumption; the consumption of any type of drugs, the manufacture or distribution of alcohol; gambling or any other activities that could be detrimental to public health and welfare; and
  • Groups that incur a level of administrative costs that cannot be reasonably justified, serve a limited constituency, or deliver an extremely limited benefit to the communities in which they operate.

Bombardier receives many worthwhile funding requests each year. Unfortunately, we cannot support all of them. We review all new applications regularly and determine which requests best match our community investment objectives.



All questions must be answered; therefore, we recommend that you view the printable form before filling out the application form.            

If your event/project is being held in less than six (6) weeks your request will not be considered.

Filling out the questionnaire should take around 15-20 minutes. Your session will automatically expire after four (4) hours.

Once the form is submitted, you will be unable to make any changes.